WHAT DO YOU DO when your wedding is already past, and you're just learning about Wedding Painting NOW?

NO PROBLEM! Dan can do a painting for your 1st, 2nd or 60th anniversary by painting from photos, tourist brochures, Google Earth or your description! 



16 x 20: $1200

18 x 24: $1400

20 x 30: $1600

24 x 30: $1800

24 x 36: $2000

30 x 40: $2800

36 x 48: $3600


     8 X 10: $350

     10 X 12: $500

     12 X 16: $650

     16 X 20: $800

     15 x 22 (Half Sheet): $800

     22 X 30 (Full Sheet): $1450

MAYBE THAT BED & BREAKFAST LINGERS as a special memory, but your cell-phone photos just don't do it justice. Maybe the church was spectacular but the sun went down unusually early. Just let me know the address, and there's a good chance I can do a romantic painting from your photos and any images we find online. 

REBECCAH AND JAMISH WERE MARRIED in an old stone church in Italy. They sent me several photos from their wedding day, plus some photocopies from a tourist guide-book. 

FLOYD POPPED THE QUESTION to Diana in the Rose Garden in about 1971. I wasn't there, but the Rose Garden still is! I set up my easel according to Floyd's instructions and he surprised his bride with this special moment on their 40th anniversary.

PERHAPS YOU HAVE ONE SPECIAL PHOTO from your wedding day, but it falls just a little short of spectacular. Here is the PHOTO . . . and the PAINTING I did from it about a year later.

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JEAN-PAUL AND LISA got married on the perfect Caribbean beach. Only problem: no photo! Jean-Paul and I spent several minutes over a cup of coffee, he described the scene,

I did some sketches to make sure I was getting it right, and the wise husband surprised his bride with a painting of their perfect moment on their 1st anniversary.

Holly hired me to do this lovely oil portrait as a surprise for her husband on their third anniversary.