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What's the most important STUFF I Need to Do Live Wedding Painting?

Your equipment indicates in one glance whether you're a professional or a wanne-be, and you can't do an A-1 job with B-3 equipment.

Here is my list of stuff-- including some things that I think beginners might overlook:

1. A throw rug.

The fancier the venue, the more skittish the owners are going to be about the prospect of letting a PAINTER loose in their precious building! Don't skimp on ground-cover. And it CAN'T be a sheet of plastic! Remember: HALF the people at this reception are going to be Soused and swaying in a couple hours, and the other half are over 85 and sway all the time! Make it a RUG-- the kind Target throws down inside their front door. And if traffic is unusually high, TAPE IT DOWN all the way around! (There you go: one more item in your check-list: Gaffer's Tape...NOT Duct Tape unless you really want to look like a real Cheesemeister.)

2. A good battery-operated light.

In the olden days (! which means up until 5 years ago!) that meant carrying a 12-vold CAR BATTERY with me to every wedding! AND I had to build a cool-looking oak box to put it in. GOOD news! -- NOW you can get online and order a 200-array studio light with adjustable temperature that runs for 7+ hours on two batteries the half the size of a pack of cigarettes. Here's a link for that:

3. An easel with compact legs.

An H-style easel is best, and a Julian-type plein air easel with legs that splay out like a teepee is the worst. Remember: people at a reception don't pay much attention to where their feet are going.

4. Clothing that tells everybody you're a professional.

NOT a bohemian"ArtEEST". I'll dedicate an entire blog to this in the future. For now, just remember-- you are not just one of the guests, you are one of the performers. Dress like you are on stage. It's better to be significantly overdressed than a tiny bit underdressed.

5. Keep a copy of the contract with you.

If the father of the bride comes up at midnight with his checkbook, you don't want to look like you are making stuff up off the top of your head.

(By-the-way-- It's really best if the wedding planner can handle payment collecting for you. Many are glad to do this.)

6. Always have a stack of business cards . . .

Right where people can see them and pick them up for themselves. And have a few more in your pocket for the people who miss the pile.

7. Have somebody take pictures of you

These are some of the best marketing photos you can have.

MORE later!

Thanks for reading.

Happy Painting to Ya.


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