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Why I LOVE Being a Wedding Painter

Okay . . . you don't have to be exactly like me. (But it might not hurt to shimmy this direction a little bit.)

1. I like people. I have to give credit to my parents for this. They raised us to be comfortable being casual-friendly, silly-friendly, heart-to-heart friendly, back-slapping friendly, or any other kind of friendly you can think of . . . AND GET THIS-- I am a card-carrying INTROVERT! More on that in a later blog.

2. I'm very comfortable being with people in one of the most SPIRITUAL moments of their life. I KNOW that most people aren't terribly religious in the REST of their life, but this day is a BIG deal to them, and on BIG DEAL DAYS, human beings tend to get a little more spiritual. If  you can't empathize with a few tears, a few prayers, some lumps in the throat, and a few solemn moments . . . this might not be the business for you. People can tell whether you're just there to make a quick buck, or whether you are really joining them in their "holy" moment.

3. I like weddings because people-- generally-- are on their best behavior. And so am I. I can't tell you how many times I've been standing in some multi-million dollar palace with a bunch of people in tuxes, furs, and diamonds, and I've thought, "Dang! I sure am glad my momma taught me how to behave!" I've never been rich . . . but you wouldn't know it to see me at a wedding. I am as comfortable as can be with super-rich folks. I look good, I smell good :-) and I ACT good. And I enjoy it. I don't even have to pretend.

4. I can talk to just about anybody. I really like people. And I can find some way to connect to just about anybody. I've developed a lifetime habit of being curious, so I never stop learning. I can be at home with farmers or high-level bank execs. I can hang out with people whether they're "Red" or "Blue" . . . or yellow, black, white, purple or green! I'm comfortable looking every person straight in the eye and being interested in THEM . . . NOT worrying so much about what they think of ME.

5. This one might seem kinda funny, but I  like the spirit of camaraderie that exists between ALL the people who are working the event with me-- hustling and bustling their fannies off two and three hours before a wedding. I LIKE IT when really talented people are working hard, and I like being one of them. I have NEVER had a moment of tension with the wedding planners, the florists, the carpet layers (!), the servers, the band . . . you name it.   

      I have this feeling of "We're ALL in this together! Either we ALL succeed, or NONE of us do!" I have a great time cutting up (tastefully!) with all these hard-working people. One of my goals is to help THEM have a great day, too.

6. THANK GOD-- I'm a night owl!! I think this often . . . at about 12:30 a.m., when I'm still painting up a storm . . . and after that I need to pack up and then drive somewhere before I can crash. What would I do if I turned into a pumpkin at 10 o'clock? I guess I'd be an un-employed Wedding Painter.

There are some things that go without saying, but I'm gonna say 'em anyway--

I like being a Wedding Painter:

7. Because I make good money

at weddings. More on that in a later blog.

8. Because I'm good at it, and I LIKE painting with an audience.

And I really, really would like YOU to be good at it, too. We all go  up together, or we all go down together. More on that in another blog.

Thanks for reading!

Good painting to ya! Dan

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