Over the years, I have found myself doing more and more portrait-like paintings of the bride and groom.

But for those clients who specifically want portraits, I present The Signature Series--


So here's what the Signature Series means:

1.  The painting is done in a vertical or "portrait"  

      orientation-- usually 30" by 24".

2.  The faces are roughly twice the size of my

      normal Wedding Paintings. 

3.  I require early access to the bride and groom,

      (preferably before the ceremony) in order to make

      adequate progress during the reception.

4.  When traveling, I need one extra day of lodging so

      that I can finish the painting on location.

5.  I charge just $200 more for the extra work

      and time.

Click here to watch a time-lapsed video of me doing this painting.